AhnLab Unveils ABC Crypto Wallet for Android and iOS Devices

• South Korean software giant AhnLab has released a crypto wallet called ABC.
• The wallet is available for Android and iOS devices and has security features like crypto threat and fraud alerts, warning notifications and advanced Secure MPC private key technology.
• AhnLab is just one of many South Korean firms that have moved into the crypto space, with AhnLab’s CEO Ahn Chul-soo expressing his support for the world of crypto in the past.

South Korean technology giant AhnLab has unveiled its new cryptocurrency wallet, ABC, this week. The wallet, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, is the latest in a long line of South Korean tech firms to move into the cryptocurrency space.

AhnLab, founded by tech entrepreneur and presidential candidate Ahn Chul-soo, is best known for its V3 antivirus programs and AlZip file compression solutions. However, in recent years, it has been pivoting towards blockchain technology and has established a dedicated subsidiary, AhnLab Blockchain Company, to explore the possibilities of the new technology.

The ABC wallet is designed for the ‘Web3 era’, and has several security features. These include crypto threat and fraud alerts that are collected from data gathered by AhnLab and its partners. The wallet will also provide warning notifications when users attempt to interact with risky wallet addresses. Furthermore, the wallet also uses advanced ‘Secure MPC’ private key technology. Instead of using a traditional private key, the ABC wallet gives users three ‘key shares’ that must be used together to activate signature and recovery functions on the wallet. This makes it harder for hackers and voice phishing criminals to access the wallet.

Ahn Chul-soo has expressed his support for the world of cryptocurrencies in the past, and has made a number of crypto-related pledges in the lead up to the presidential election. He has proposed the adoption of blockchain-powered voting systems, as well as the implementation of a cryptocurrency tax system.

AhnLab is just one of many South Korean firms that have moved into the cryptocurrency space. Kakao, the nation’s largest messaging service provider, has announced its own crypto wallet, while Naver, the country’s largest search engine, has also unveiled its own cryptocurrency exchange.

As South Korea continues to be at the forefront of blockchain technology, AhnLab’s ABC wallet is sure to be a hit in the country. With its advanced security features, the wallet is designed to give users peace of mind when using it to store their cryptocurrencies.